We are passionate about providing health services through multiple on going and past projects that we have implemented in the region. Since inception we has been implementing several health programs in Galkayo and other Mudug regions. Our health interventions usually fall in one of the below classifications

Primary Health Services

PMWDO has been promoting, providing preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services for the community especially following the influx of Internally Displaced

School Health Program

In an effort in preventing diseases and promoting health services,
PMWDO also implements school health programs and campaigns.
In the school health program, PMWDO has provided de-worming
tablets to more than 10 schools in the Mudug region.

Outreach Programs

PMWDO has gone a step ahead in the provision and promotion
of primary health services through its outreach programs. These
programs are implemented monthly in the IDP population and the host community.